Dr Mohamed Helal
CEO & Marketing Manager
Egyptian Inter Pharmaceuticals (Interpharma IPC)
Dear Dr Mohamed Helal,

The crisis transformations in the global economy and the pandemic posed a number of challenges for regional
business ‐ from the need for creative solutions in the field of personal safety and HR to the maximum
strengthening of brand loyalty and brand recognition, expansion of partnerships and business geography.

Today reality not only emphasises the importance of successful regional business for the development of the
national economy, but also encourages international cooperation and introduction of innovative technologies
and projects. Under these conditions, image and reputation, brand recognition, quality international
recognition, as well as strong partnerships for the exchange of experience and innovative solutions are of
particular value.

TOP‐100. Achievements‐2020 Expert council continues annual research with the aim to select and encourage
promising companies at the forefront of regional business. We established a special nomination ‘Best
Enterprise’ and Personal medal ‘Manager of the Year’ in business and economics, as well as an authoritative
online platform for presentations of the best regional enterprises.

Egyptian Inter Pharmaceuticals (IPC) has been selected as the nominee of TOP‐100. Achievements‐2020 register
with presentation of the Best Enterprise and Manager of the Year award according the award criteria. Decision
about the accordance of Egyptian Inter Pharmaceuticals to TOP‐100. Achievements‐2020 Ranking
requirements are based on thorough analysis of media, social networks, internet, news and open statistic data
analysis, as well as on the recommendations of authorities, social organizations, institutions, chambers of
commerce, branch associations and unions, educational institutions and the experts’ survey.

We have created a special online platform for exchange the most relevant experiences and increasing the
international image of the rating winners, as well as presenting the winners and their partnership offers. The
site will be launched on July, 1under the brand Achievements‐ 2020.

We are sure that in current situation for the winning companies it is very important to emphasise reputation
and achievements, promote their companies and attract new customers, investors and clients. Ranking
organizing committee believes that winners deserve to receive their awards no matter what the circumstances
are. Support of the winner is our priority and we offer the special participation package inclusive of more
services for the less fee. This package includes award courier delivery to your office, extended range of services
and online presentation during business and economy section of online conference ‘How to retain leading
positions in post‐pandemic environment’ on 1 July.

Kindly contact me in case you are interested in distant participation.
Kind Regards,
Karina Gevorgyan
Achievements forum coordinator
E‐mail: manager@ebaoxford.co.uk
tel.: 00441865794362




Achievement Forum Oxford letter yo Dr Mohamed Helal

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