Nutrex is specialized in the development, production and marketing of additives, aiming to provide the finishing touch for nutrition in the food and feed industry.

As a member of the Kuge Invest Group, a Belgian holding with a strong focus on nutritional products and services, Nutrex benefits from access to a global network of highly skilled academic and industry professionals. This enables us to be at the leading edge of product innovation and development.

In combination with our worldwide access to prime quality raw materials and technologies, our strategic R&D investments and constant focus on providing added value have resulted in a number of top notch products and solutions for the food and feed industry.

Headquartered in Belgium, with offices and distributors around the world, Nutrex holds a key position as a preferred supplier of additives and specialty ingredients to the animal nutrition and baking & milling industries. Scientific research and non-stop monitoring of the needs and evolutions in the food and feed markets are at the heart of our strategy and operations. Through intensive research – in-house and in close cooperation with leading industry and academic institutes around the world – we strive to provide our customers with top notch, trendsetting products to promote animal health, better nutrition and increased production efficiency.