Forte AD3E

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Helps to support resistance during periods of maximum stress; corrects deficiency conditions and helps to maintain optimum health performance and fertility. After transport and re- housing. Before mating and farrowing.


  • Vitamin A (palmitate) (E 672) 100.000.000 IU.
  • Vitamin D3 (E 671) 20.000.000 IU.
  • Vitamin E (Alfa – tocoferolo 91%) 20.000 mg.
  • Carrier made of water as need to 1000 ml.

Additional information


– Broilers; 1 ml / 4 Liters drinking water.
– Cattle, Horses; 10 ml / animal / day via drinking water.
– Calves, Foals; 5 ml / animal / day via drinking water.
– Sheeps, Goats; 2.5 ml / animal / day via drinking water.

Package Size

1 Liter

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