GalliPro Fit

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GALLIPRO® Fit Selected triple strain probiotic to, Boost prevention programs, Contribute to food safety, and Bring profitability.

GALLIPRO® Fit is the selected triple strain poultry probiotic to boost prevention programs and contribute to food safety delivering profitability.

GALLIPRO® Fit contains three carefully selected, naturally-occurring strains. They were selected specifically for their ability to inhibit the proliferation of pathogenic organisms and for their ability to improve digestibility of feed.

Application: GALLIPRO® Fit should be added at a rate of 500g to 1 ton of feed, providing a 1.6×106 CFU/g of feed, and should be administered to flocks from Day 1 until slaughter. Alternatively can be added to starter and grower feed, and follow up by GALLIPRO® for finisher feed..

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