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Purtyl Water Soluble Tylosine 100 %.

Composition – Each 100 gm Contains: Tylosine tartrate 111 gm equal to tylosine base 100 gm.


  • Broiler and Laying Hens: treatment gainst MCR and necrotic enteritis.
  • Turkeys: treatment for infective sinusitis.
  • Calves: treatment for pneumonia and for all respiratory form disease caused by mycoplasma and pasturella.

Additional information

Dosage & Administration

– Poultry: for Chronic respiratory disease: 0.5 g/l water for 1-3 days and in Necrotic – Enteritis: 0.1 g/l water for 3 days
– Turkeys: 0.5 g/l water 2-5 days
– Calves: 1g/ for each calf in milk or milk replacer twice daily every 12 hours for 7 days. The product could be mixed in milk or milk replacer.


– 1 Kg Bag
– 110 G Sachet
– 5 Kg Bag

Withdrawal Time

– Broilers: 1 Day
– Turkeys: 1 Day
– Rabbits: 5 Days
– Eggs: 0 Days
– Calves: 7 Days

Purtyl Brochure


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