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Composition – Each Liter Contains: Phosphorus 40,000 mg, Calcium 22,500 mg, Sodium 13,000 mg, Manganese 3,900 mg, Copper 1,000 mg, Zinc 3,500 mg, Cobalt 50 mg, Selenium 5 mg.


  • Ricoden in layers in Cage: against osteoporosis or osteomalacia.
  • Ricoden Broilers: to reduce legs weakness problems, which may lead to the kinky back syndrome,
  • Ricoden is extremely important, specially between the 2nd and 4th week of broiler age, when bone mineralization starts developing quickly.
  • The heat stroke always causes a decrease of feed intake, coupled with a natural increase of fresh water intake. Therefore ricoden is an ideal mean tocompensate this de􀂦ciency.

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– Ricoden for Prevention: 1 ml L / one L of Drinking Water, for 3 Consecutive Days & Repeated Every 15 Days
– Ricoden For treatment: 2 ml / one L of Drinking Water, for 3-7 Consecutive Days or Until the Signs Disappeared.


1 Liter Bottle

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